Originally from Baltimore, MD, Ty is a certified military brat raised in North Carolina.  Making her way back up to the DMV, she’s a proud graduate of The MECCA, Howard University!  While networking and connecting with minorities from all walks of life, Ty quickly began to change her mind set on wealth and how it relates to people of color.  Outside of her daughter, Ty’s number one passion in the world is music and how it affects the minds of people.  “Nobody would fall ‘cause everyone would be each other’s crutches” is her most coveted quote by her favorite artist, Jay-Z.  This line is the basis for her motivation in educating and encouraging the African-American community to build together to achieve ultimate wealth. 


Hey Fam! Silver here. I am a native of Philadelphia and I now reside in Maryland. I am the proud owner of Silver Signature Marketing Group, LLC and SOUL Travel Go. I have a MBA from Philadelphia University and a BA from Albright College. I also hold a Property & Casualty Insurance license for most states on the east coast. The reason why I am doing this podcast are these three words. “Knowledge is power”. The more you know the more you grow. It is time to start educating each other and helping each other get ahead. In my free time I love working on my “Skoolie” (A school bus converted into an RV) and I love to travel.

One message that I hold dear is from The Late Great Tupac Shakur. “I got love for my brother but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other. "We gotta start makin' changes.”